Photographing a litter of labrador puppies

Photographing any dog is great fun, but photographing a litter of seven labrador puppies is just something else. This was one of my favourite shoots ever! They were only three weeks old and SO cute! I could have easily taken one, (or all seven), home with me!

Settling the puppies

The puppies arrived with their breeder Sue, of Vernross Labradors. They enjoyed a scamper around the studio and when they started to get sleepy my assistant and I began to position them for their photos. We made sure the studio was lovely and warm for them and spent time really making sure they were settled and in the exact positions we wanted.

Getting the puppies to lie straight proved a little tricky . Some of the puppies loved to snuggle into one another. I didn’t mind though, just look how cute they are cuddling into one another.

What to do when they’re not sleepy!

There’s always one isn’t there! This little puppy wasn’t for sleeping, so we made the most of the opportunity and took a couple of individual photographs.

We couldn’t resist putting a little hat on a puppy for this photograph. It looked so cute!

A couple of photographs from the shoot were entered into the Guild of Photographers competition. I was really pleased they both received awards. The photo below of three puppies, posing with toilet rolls, was awarded a silver award. They looked like puppies from an Andrex advert, so it was a shot I couldn’t resist doing!

Puppies first Christmas!

Photographing a litter of labrador puppies, so close to Christmas, meant we couldn’t resist a Christmas photograph of them. We placed them on a little bed, complete with a ‘My First Christmas’ stocking at the end of it 😍

Those of you with eagle eyes might notice there are only six puppies on the bed. This was for two reasons: firstly, there wasn’t enough room to comfortably fit all seven puppies on there and secondly, one of the puppies wasn’t as easy to settle down to sleep!

I can’t wait to photograph another litter of puppies – let’s hope they are as well behaved as these were!

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2 thoughts on “Photographing a litter of labrador puppies

  1. Dorothy says:

    I absolutely adore the photos. The puppy’s are so cute and look like they have really made themselves at home. Well done on your awards, you obviously have the knack for perfect puppy poses.

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