Coronavirus studio photography policy guidelines and changes we’ve made.

Our Coronavirus Studio Photography Policy is outlined here, so that you, as our customers, can rest assured that your visit to the studio is as safe as we can possibly make it.

Cleanliness and hygiene has always been extremely important to us at Red Frog Studio Photography. And with the new government guidelines in place, we’ve introduced even more measures to keep you, (and us), safe!

What changes have been made to reduce the risk of the virus in the studio?

We will allow at least 1 hour between shoots in the studio. This allows us time to thoroughly sanitise everything and ensure there is no contact between customers arriving and leaving. In addition to our usual cleaning procedures, all surfaces will be fully sanitised, especially any high touch surfaces. These include, but are not limited to, door handles, chairs, card machine, bathrooms and taps. Floors will be steamed before and after customers. Use of props will be limited and, once sanitised, we will allow 72hrs between use. Any props not in use will be stored in the stock room, to avoid cross contamination.

Photographer will wear a visor indoors, and windows will be opened to help circular the air when possible. Non-touch hand sanitiser gel and soap dispensers have been installed and hand towels have been replaced with paper towels.

For close contact shoots, such as newborns, contact with the baby will be limited. A visor, mask and apron will be worn for positioning or wrapping the baby.

What will happen when you arrive for your shoot…

We ask that you use the anti bacterial gel by the door for your hands, or you can wash them when you arrive. If you have the NHS Covid app on your phone, you can check in with the Q code by the door. Usually we would chat in the viewing room before your shoot – this will now taken place in the studio, to minimise any surface contact. While in the studio we will need to social distance as much as possible. This means you may be asked to move a prop into place, or help position children for photos, (basically some of the things we would have done, which are not possible at the moment due to social distancing).

What happens if you have symptoms of coronavirus or are self isolating when your shoot date arrives…

We ask that you do not come to the studio and tell us as soon as possible, if you or any member of your immediate family have symptoms of coronavirus or test positive for the virus. Don’t worry, we will rearrange your shoot for a time when you are well.

Is there a limit to the number of people we can have in the studio…

Due to social distancing we have a maximum of 6 immediate family members in the studio. For any more than this we can still go ahead with your sitting – we’ll just take all of the photos outside, in the gorgeous parklands that surrounds us. Until social distancing measures change, we will still need to leave the recommended distance between any extended family group.

What if you only want outdoor photos…

That’s no problem at all! If you want all of your photographs taken outside we have lots of locations to use in Worden Park, so you will still get a great choice of images. We always try to incorporate some outdoor photos in our sittings, and these will now be prioritised. Use of a long camera lens means social distancing is much easier.

Our Coronavirus Studio Photography Policy will continue to be updated, as and when guidance from the government changes.
If you have any questions that we haven’t covered, or if there is anything else you’d like to ask before your shoot, please get in touch!
We look forward to seeing you! x